Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam completes repair programme

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam completes repair programme
Magellan, Marco Polo and Astor were repaired over five weeks (Image: Damen Shipyards Group)

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam has completed annual repair and maintenance programmes on Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ (CMV) Magellan, Marco Polo and Astor ahead of the winter season, with work taking place over five weeks.

Magellan was the first ship to dock at the yard, undergoing a four-week schedule of works. Repairs were made to the main and auxiliary engines, while the bow and stern thrusters were overhauled and the liferafts serviced. Further steel repairs to a series of tanks were identified and carried out during the process.

Marco Polo arrived two days after Magellan for similar repairs over three weeks, while Astor underwent nine days of maintenance that included pipe renewals, repairs to the main engine intercoolers and the renewal of the stern tube seals.

CMV also made the decision to modify the exterior appearance of Magellan and Marco Polo during their repairs to reflect their entry into the French cruise market. This required the blasting of the ships’ hulls before they received a new blue paint scheme, along with updated logos. Astor will also begin cruising from France when she is renamed as Jules Verne in 2021 and relocated to operate under the new Croisières Maritimes et Voyages brand.

“It was a busy time for everyone, and in particular for the client’s project team, given that there were three vessels involved, two of them simultaneously,” said Vincent Kok, project manager for Magellan at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam. “But the cooperation was excellent. The critical pathway was determined by the paint works. With the Magellan, right up to the end, painters were going up and down along the sides and the funnel, which was completely rolled.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
30 January 2020

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