New Gotland Hydrocat concept ferry will be powered by hydrogen

The vessel will only emit water and will be available to order by 2025

New Gotland Hydrocat concept ferry will be powered by hydrogen

Gotland Company

The hydrogen-powered ferry will produce water vapour as its primary emission

By Alice Chambers |

Ship operator and marine technology developer Gotlandsbolaget (Gotland Company) has developed a new Gotland Hydrocat concept ferry, which will be powered by hydrogen.

The large-scale, high-speed catamaran will join Gotland Company’s Horizon Series, which is the company’s concept for next-generation vessels. The ferry will be powered by fossil-free hydrogen, meaning that its primary emission will be water vapour. Operators will have the option to use the multi-fuel solution, however, allowing them to switch to other fuels if necessary.

Gotland aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2045 and hopes that the next-generation vessels will contribute towards getting to ‘Destination Zero’.

“We don’t think Gotland should have to choose between crossing times and reduced climate impact, which is why we’re developing next-generation vessels in the Horizon series,” said Håkan Johansson, CEO of Gotland Company. “The purpose of the Horizon Series is to employ new technology to achieve an even better service and capacity, while at the same time drastically reduce emissions. It’s fantastic that we now have two concept vessels for our future fleet that will bring Gotland even closer to mainland Sweden while our emissions are radically reduced.”

The company is developing the technology and aims to have Gotland Hydrocat available to order by 2025 and in service by 2030.

“The Horizon series is our single most important initiative for reducing the climate impact of shipping,” said Johansson. “We have a long tradition of using the latest technology and we constantly modernise our fleet.”

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