Lindblad Expeditions to have first self-disinfecting cruise fleet

Lindblad Expeditions to have first self-disinfecting cruise fleet
Lindblad Expeditions will use Premium Purity on all ships, including National Geographic Orion (Image: Ralph Lee Hopkins)

Lindblad Expeditions is to implement ACTGlobal’s Premium Purity system onboard all of its ships, enabling them to become the first self-disinfecting vessels in the cruise industry.

The Premium Purity system combines ACT CleanCoat, a transparent and odourless antibacterial spray with photocatalytic properties. The spray is applied to all surfaces and when it is illuminated, it breaks down unwanted microbes such as bacteria, viruses, mould and airborne allergens. This means that all surfaces become self-disinfecting after the spray is applied. In addition, the spray purifies the air for up to one year.

The chemical-free Premium Purity solution also uses the ACT ECA water system (created by electrolysis of salt and water) to clean the rooms. This is harmless to guests, staff and the environment.

“As the oldest and most experienced expedition travel company in the world, we go to some of the most pristine places on the planet,” said Bruce Tschampel, vice president of hotel operations for Lindblad Expeditions. “We are very conscious of the waste we produce, and how the cleanliness of our ship and protection of our guests onboard is vital to a healthy environment. Premium Purity is unlike anything we have seen out there. Our ships are truly pristine and healthy, and we already have measurable results to prove it from our initial pilot programme on one ship.

“We reduced guest-reported illness by 50%, eliminated over 1,000 plastic bottles of cleaning products and dramatically reduced water usage by 1.1 million gallons per year,” added Tschampel. “The crew is raving about how much healthier the ship is and how effective it is to use this solution.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
04 February 2020

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