Interior View: Baleària’s Eleanor Roosevelt

Georges Bassoul talks about Baleària’s new fast ferry and how she improves on other vessels
Interior View: Baleària’s Eleanor Roosevelt


The VIP lounge features a 180-degree smart-glass window that automatically adjusts to the sun’s conditions

By Elly Yates-Roberts |

The maritime industry is changing the face of public transportation. The hot, busy and noisy conditions of trains, trams and buses are transforming into spacious, light and quiet experiences onboard innovative fast ferries like Baleària’s new Eleanor Roosevelt.

“When designing the ship, we wanted to create a modern interior that differed from other ferries,” says Georges Bassoul, general director of Baleària. “We felt that it was important to use all elements – accommodation, light, space and materials – to ensure our customers enjoy the experience onboard.”

Bassoul says that spaciousness and distance between seats have been prioritised, and a high-tech stabilisation system has been incorporated to reduce movement. “Vibrations and noise will be minimised thanks to insulation and a floating superstructure,” he says. “The ship will also have an escalator and lift to the upper deck, both elements never before seen on a fast ferry.”

Onboard, passengers can make use of a children’s crèche, a food court, two private lounges and an outdoor terrace which features two canopies and a food truck made from fibreglass in the shape of an old Mercedes vehicle.

Baleària’s innovative use of glass onboard Eleanor Roosevelt accentuates the light and spacious design. For example, the Aft Bar is crowned by a glass dome and the VIP lounge – Bassoul’s favourite spot – offers passengers a panoramic view via a 180-degree smart-glass window that automatically adjusts the level of transparency depending on sun conditions.

“Spanish firms Oliver Design and Jorge Belloch helped us to realise Eleanor Roosevelt’s innovative design in terms of configuration and material selection: she features custom-made fibreglass window boxes, integrated electric blinds, and customised carpet floors, bathroom washbasins and mirrors,” says Bassoul.

Bassoul believes that Baleària is synonymous with innovation, which is particularly apparent in the operator’s use of technology.

“Passengers will be able to find their allocated seat thanks to a QR code that they will receive via WhatsApp,” says Bassoul. “They will have internet access, WhatsApp coverage, and a digital entertainment platform with films, magazines and games. Passengers will also be able to order food and drinks from the digital platform.”

Baleària is also using innovative technology to improve sustainability. “The measuring equipment installed on Eleanor Roosevelt will enable us to monitor real fuel consumption and calculate the efficiency of the engines,” says Bassoul. “Sensors will also provide real-time information for efficient navigation, as well as adjusting the speed and course to increase comfort.”

This article was first published in the 2021 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed. 

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