Hurtigruten tests biodiesel in expedition cruise ship

Hurtigruten tests biodiesel in expedition cruise ship
Polarlys being filled with biodiesel in Bergen (Image: Hanne Taalesen/Hurtigruten)

Hurtigruten has become the first Norwegian cruise operator to start trialling biodiesel fuel, which could potentially enable it to cut carbon dioxide emissions by up to 95% in the long term.

The cruise line has been successfully running expedition cruise ship Polarlys with biodiesel for several weeks and will continue to pilot the fuel for several more weeks. The biodiesel does not contain palm oil and can be made from various sources, including wasted cooking oil, corn, soya, wheat or tallow.

“Biodiesel can, in the long run, potentially give a carbon dioxide reduction of as much as 95% compared to traditional marine fuels,” said Daniel Skjeldam, Hurtigruten CEO. “We are just at the beginning when it comes to using biodiesel in the shipping industry. We want to move the boundaries and learn more about how this can be used in a bigger scale. This can potentially transform the industry.”

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By Rebecca
01 November 2019

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