How Survitec helps ship operators put safety first

A look at how a multi-brand service operator can help operators keep safety equipment working well

How Survitec helps ship operators put safety first
Survitec's lifeboats are used on multiple passengers ships worldwide (Image: Survitec)

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If people didn’t value the ease and cost savings of sourcing multiple items from one source, then it’s safe to say that supermarkets and online retail giants such as Amazon wouldn’t enjoy the success they do. In a time-pressed society, convenience is king and people don’t want extra administration and logistics when there is a simpler alternative.

Organisations are no different to individuals either – it makes more business sense to have one company perform multiple tasks on your behalf than to have different suppliers for every operation. Cruise and ferry operators have a million and one things to consider when making sure their vessels are safe, seaworthy and appealing to customers, so anything that can potentially make their lives easier is likely to be welcomed.

Passenger safety is at the forefront of decision making and profit maximisation, but a multitude of brands, types and suppliers can prove a hurdle. Take lifeboats as an example. You would think purchasing them is fairly straightforward. Unfortunately, that is often not the case and procuring them can involve liaison with a multitude of manufacturers demanding different services on the davit, the hooks and the boat itself. And that is not taking into account the complexity of multiple vessels or the other safety systems onboard, including rafts, lifejackets and fire safety equipment.

The safety and survival needs of passengers are woven into the design process of Survitec’s products and services from the start. Using our multi-brand servicing, teams can enhance the efficiency of onboard health and safety procedures, which results in improved peace of mind for operators and passengers alike. There is a misconception that lifeboat and davit equipment has to be maintained and serviced by the original manufacturer, but enlisting the services of a multi-brand specialist can save time and money.

Previously, we sent engineers from the UK, Netherlands and Scandinavia around the world to conduct inspections, sometimes limiting the capabilities of the service offering and causing some customers to seek out additional local service providers. With cruise operators taking on more extensive voyages, in terms of scale and duration, Survitec has placed additional operatives in more locations around the world to provide on-hand lifeboat assistance and a more reliable service for marine and offshore customers. This will also limit the length of time that vessels are out of operation.

The enhanced service means operational efficiency can only increase as lifeboat inspections are now easily accessible and can be booked locally, from all four corners of the world. The functionality and speed of our offering enables cruise operators to constantly evolve to meet the demands and expectations of customers, and also comply with the requirements of the regulatory bodies and governments in the destinations their ships visit.

Safety may not be as attractive to operators and passengers as destinations and the onboard entertainment schedule, but in the unlikely event that equipment needs to be deployed, everyone needs to know that it will function as intended. Having this equipment provided and regularly inspected by a multi-brand servicer like Survitec is a more efficient way of doing this and its enables crew and passengers to enjoy the thrill of the cruise, rather than worrying about worse-case scenarios.

Rob Wallace is lifeboat technical sales manager at Survitec

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