How OSM Maritime is transforming shipping

Digital services provide shipowners with analytical insights to improve operations, says CEO

How OSM Maritime is transforming shipping
The Maritime Operations Center allows OSM Maritime's team to monitor ships and provide real-time support

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This article was first published in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Spring/Summer 2019 issue of International Cruise & Ferry Review. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

Although the global maritime industry has been relatively slow at adopting new technology, many companies and shipowners are now aware that they need to implement it. OSM Maritime, a provider of full-service solutions to the offshore and maritime industry, has been working tirelessly towards digitalising its business models to make sure that the right selection of value adding services are provided to the customers.

Recently, we have progressed from talking about it to actually doing it and, while there is a long and constantly evolving road ahead of us, we have already accomplished several tangible results that promise an exciting future for OSM and our customers.

Although many of our competitors concentrate on growing their size, we have focused our efforts on delivering consistent and high-quality services to our customers. To do this, we need to have full visibility into what is happening on board the vessels we manage as well as on an organisational level so that we can make informed, fact-based decisions. Consequently, we have been working hard to align new technologies with our business processes.

OSM Maritime started its digitalisation journey by creating a Maritime Operations Center in Singapore, which is now used to monitor the fleet and provide real-time support to the crew. Our digital platform allows us to proactively monitor the entire fleet while offering efficient around-the-clock support, performance management and fast response capabilities if the need arises. We will begin constructing our second Maritime Operations Center in Norway in the first half of 2019.

In addition, we have built a powerful analytics platform with easy-to-understand graphical interfaces to help us capture and act on detailed insights from our customers’ data. The platform can be used on any device that is connected to the internet, which means that it now takes seconds for us to access information that previously took us weeks to gather. We’ve also gone beyond that by trialling artificial intelligence capabilities that enable the platform to identify advanced correlations that humans would normally not be able to catch. Later this year, we expect to be able to use these insights to provide predictive maintenance services, which will have a major impact on both daily operations and technical management.

OSM Maritime has also been developing technology for seafarers, releasing an app that seamlessly connects them with the 500 vessels that the company delivers services to worldwide. Some of the app’s services include featured seafarer profiles, sea service planning, payroll, remittance, tax reports and messaging. We will continue to evaluate our entire crewing technology platform, adding new features and functionalities that will further enhance our seafarers’ experience and the efficiency with which we provide daily services to our clients.

As a technical manager, OSM understands that trust is paramount when it comes to building long-lasting relationships with our clients, which is why we ensure our customers can access analytical data pertaining to their fleets. We’re confident that our services are best in class, so we are happy to show them exactly what we see, and we will continue to do so as we expand our digitalisation drive and develop new and exciting solutions.

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