How Bromic Heating delivered a sleek and sustainable solution for Silver Nova

The heating product manufacturer worked with Silversea Cruises’ designers to create an energy-efficient heating system that integrates well with the ship’s luxury interior design

How Bromic Heating delivered a sleek and sustainable solution for Silver Nova

Marine Interior Images

The Marquee is among the outdoor spaces to feature Bromic Heating’s Platinum Electric Marine heaters on Silver Nova

By Alex Smith |

Silver Nova, the newest ship to join Silversea Cruises’ fleet, set sail on its maiden voyage from Venice, Italy on 14 August 2023. The ship marked a new beginning for the cruise line, featuring a range of luxury venues, sophisticated experiences and innovative technologies. 

The ship’s design also offers multiple outdoor spaces, including the S.A.L.T. Lab, Shade House, and Marquee dining venues. These areas offer guests a panoramic ocean view in a luxurious setting but are exposed to the breeze in colder weather. When it designed the ship, Silversea therefore needed to find a heating solution that would not only keep guests warm, but also match the ship’s design aesthetic. 

Silver Nova deck

Marine Interior Images

Silversea approached Bromic Heating, a designer and manufacturer of gas, electric and portable outdoor heating products, to find the best solution for its needs. As part of its complimentary design service, Bromic’s experts examined the project plans, images and renderings to determine the best product fit and placement of the heaters for the most efficient heat layout. 

Bromic’s global head of marine, Daniel Bruntsch, was tasked with designing a heat layout that would not distract guests from the ocean views. Bruntsch drew up a free 2D heat plan and recommended personalised heating solutions. 

“In this case, there was only one suitable heating solution – the Platinum Electric Marine heater,” says Bruntsch. 

Bromic’s Platinum Collection heaters are composed of a fully sealed heater body and a tinted ceramic-glass screen and are designed to spread heat evenly across a large area while limiting wind interference and light emissions. The Platinum Electric Marine heaters are made of AISI 316 marine-grade stainless steel that is resistant to corrosive elements and are certified by Lloyd’s Register for use in a marine environment. 

In total, 70 Platinum Electric Marine heaters were placed in gathering areas around the ship. The heaters were installed with both recessed and ceiling-suspended mountings to reduce their impact on guests’ views.  

“Historically, heaters on ships have always been unsightly,” said Analise Bizzotto, lead of architectural design, newbuilding and innovation at Silversea’s parent company Royal Caribbean Group. “The simple fact that the design is so simple and sleek meant that they are both aesthetically pleasing, and most people didn’t notice them. The sleek Bromic design seamlessly blends into the architecture of the ship which was our goal with all technical elements.”  

Marine Interior Images

Bromic's heaters onboard Silver Nova are installed on both recessed and ceiling-suspended mountings

Bromic’s heaters also aligned with Silversea’s environmental sustainability goals for Silver Nova. Sustainability was among the main priorities for Silversea, which was motivated by new regulations, increasing consumer concerns and a sense of responsibility for preserving the remote locations it sails to. The ship is the first in Silversea’s fleet to use LNG fuel as its principal fuel source, and the cruise line looked to minimise energy usage across the vessel.  

“Bromic’s Platinum Electric Marine heaters are an electric heating solution, making them a more sustainable option compared to gas heating,” says Bruntsch. “Additionally, the recommendations place the heaters in high-traffic areas to ensure that they are only being used in spaces that require them. The heaters can also be controlled within zones to ensure they are being used optimally.”

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