How Anglo-Eastern is delivering a specialised service

Sanjay Sukhrani and Dietmar Wertanzl discuss the benefits of outsourcing ship management services

How Anglo-Eastern is delivering a specialised service


Sanjay Sukhrani (left) and Dietmar Wertanzl from Anglo-Eastern

By Amber Hickman |

When a cruise line grows its operations and expands its fleet, one of the primary challenges it faces is finding the resources needed to support such growth. Many operators in this position will look to outsource ship management services, to an organisation like Anglo-Eastern. 

By doing this, shipowners can save money, time and resources, according to Dietmar Wertanzl, president and CEO of Anglo-Eastern Leisure Management. “It’s a nice choice to have and it gives shipowners the opportunity to focus on other important areas, such as sales and marketing,” he says. 

Outsourcing ship management also helps cruise lines easily deal with any operational issues. 

“In an ideal world, a cruise company’s operations should be steady, but we all know this isn’t the case and there will be events that require extra resources,” says Sanjay Sukhrani, president and CEO of Anglo-Eastern Cruise Management. “For example, if a vessel is in a remote area and requires technical assistance, they can call Anglo-Eastern and have help on the way before they know it. That kind of capacity to tackle issues on a global scale no matter where the location or issue, is a wonderful thing for a shipowner.” 

Anglo-Eastern’s dedication to providing high-quality training for its seafarers also means crew will be well-practiced for every situation. “The rules and regulations surrounding the employment of crew members, from certifications to training, have become very complex,” says Sukhrani. 

Anglo-Eastern’s services and pricing structure are just two examples showing how it puts clients at the heart of the business. “Not only do we want to be the highest-quality operator, but we also want to be consistent, great value for money and maintain our environmental and ethical values,” says Wertanzl. “Our mission is to provide the best service to any customer in the cruise industry.” 

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