Electric ferry Candela P-12 enters production in Sweden

A pilot vessel is due to join Stockholm’s public transport network in 2024 

Electric ferry Candela P-12 enters production in Sweden

Candela Technology

The Candela P-12 pilot vessel will join Stockholm’s public transport network in 2024

By Laura Hyde |

Candela Technology has started producing the Candela P-12, an electric ‘flying’ ferry, at its Rotebro factory in Sweden after successfully completing test flights on a pilot vessel.  

The electric-powered ferry, which was first announced in June 2022, uses computer-guided underwater hydrofoils to elevate its hull above the water, giving the illusion of flying. This technology enables the vessel to consume 80 per cent less energy than traditional high-speed ferries when travelling at speeds over 18 knots. A top speed of 30 knots was confirmed during test flights, which is a record for electric passenger vessels. 

The Candela P-12 has an operational range of 50 nautical miles, which Candela hopes will cut operational costs by 50 per cent compared to diesel vessels. 

The Candela P-12 pilot ferry will join Stockholm’s public transport network in 2024. It is anticipated that passenger commuting times will be cut from 55 minutes to 25 minutes along the route between Stockholm and the suburbs of Ekerö. This is thanks to an exemption from speed limits due to minimal wake produced by the vessel. 

“Today, in many cities, congested roads are common while waterways, humanity’s oldest transport infrastructure, remain underutilised for rapid commuting,” said Gustav Hasselskog, CEO of Candela. “The P-12 will let you use these waterways as green highways, enabling fast intra-city connections. It will revolutionise how we travel on water.” 

The Candela P-12 will be available in three models, each priced at €1.7 million ($1.85 million): the P-12 shuttle, P-12 business, and P-12 voyager. The onboard digital flight control system onboard all three versions will compensate for waves, wind and current, ensuring passengers have a smooth ride throughout their journey. 

The P-12 shuttle seats 30 passengers and has allocated space for bicycles, children’s pushchairs and wheelchairs. Swift and easy boarding will be available via an extendable, automatic bow ramp. The P-12 business model features a premium interior with seating for 12 to 20 passengers while the P-12 voyager model offers a flexible interior design, enabling it to be tailored for both private leisure and commercial clients. 

“With the P-12, we’re not just offering a faster, more comfortable electric alternative to fossil fuel-powered vessels,” said Erik Eklund, director for commercial vessels at Candela. “We enable operators to make the switch to sustainable vessels that are cost-effective and profitable, a crucial step towards clean oceans and lakes.”

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