Stockholm to operate first electric flying ferry

The Candela P-12 Shuttle will reduce emissions and commuting times in the Swedish capital

Stockholm to operate first electric flying ferry


The Candela P-12 shuttle will be the fastest electric ship in the world

By Alex Smith |

Stockholm in Sweden is to take delivery of the world’s first electric flying ferry, the Candela P-12 shuttle, in 2023. The ferry will be the world’s fastest electric ship, and will reduce emissions and commuting times in the city’s public transport network.

Marine technology company Candela has designed the vessel, which will shuttle passengers between the suburb of Ekerö and the city centre. The 30-passenger ship has a top speed of 30 knots and will travel faster than alternative public transport options, as well as being faster than travelling by car during busy times.

The ship features three carbon fibre wings or hydrofoils that extend from under the hull, allowing it to lift itself above the water. The technology reduces the energy used per passenger kilometre by 95 per cent compared to existing vessels, allowing for a range of 50 nautical miles at service speed. The ship can be charged at up to 200 kilowatts direct current, filling its battery in under one hour. To ensure the stability of the ship during adverse weather, the Candela Flight Controller regulates the hydrofoils up to 100 times per second.

The Stockholm region will operate the first P-12 shuttle ship for a nine-month trial period during 2023. If successful, Candela proposes to replace the current pair of 200-person diesel vessels with at least five P-12 shuttles. This would allow a P-12 shuttle to depart every 11 minutes, instead of the current timetable of two departures per day.

“Maritime traffic is the region's most popular public transport, and I want to expand it,” said Gustav Hemming, vice president of the regional executive board in Stockholm. “But we need better technology to travel faster and reduce climate impact. Therefore, we are happy to try this new technology for waterborne traffic. This project can contribute to solutions that we can use in Stockholm, but also provides opportunities for both exports and jobs in the Stockholm region.”

Candela will be laying the carbon fibre keel for the first Candela P-12 shuttle at the company’s new, automated factory in Rotebro, outside Stockholm, towards the end of 2022. After initial tests, the first commuters in Stockholm will then embark on the ferry in 2023.

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