Creating immersive experiences with a difference

Cruise guests can create lifelong memories with the right design, writes Karen Argue

Creating immersive experiences with a difference

Designed by BRC Imagination Arts

The 1820 Rooftop Bar at Johnnie Walker Princes Street in Edinburgh, Scotland, is an immersive whisky brand experience that could be translated to a cruise ship setting

By Karen Argue |

There has been a recent rise in the ‘experience economy’ in the travel, entertainment, and dining sectors, so it’s no surprise we are starting to see the appearance of immersive experiences onboard cruise ships. 

At The Deluxe Group, we have created immersive experiences for clients across the cruise, hospitality, luxury residential and theme park attractions sectors, fabricating exciting concepts to reimagine interior spaces or bring iconic film and TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Jurassic World and Ghostbusters to life. 

This demand for unique spaces and experiences is growing in the cruise industry too. Now that ships are getting larger, guests want more innovative, authentic and immersive experiences to keep them entertained, especially on days at sea.  

The Deluxe Group aims to deliver guest experiences that marry interior innovation with storytelling and high-quality, sustainable finishes whether it’s a whisky-tasting experience, life size gaming or recreation of a famous film set.   

We work closely with our clients and use a combination of 3D design software, digital scanning of interior spaces, building information modelling management and five axis fabrication along with traditional craftmanship within our purpose-built state-of-the-art facility in Northern Ireland to design and prefabricate all of our projects before we ship and install worldwide. This allows for a fast-track approach to fit-out construction. 

We are currently investing more than £1.5 million ($1.88 million) in an ambitious expansion plan that involves new facilities in the Northern Irish towns of Antrim and Portadown, as well as a new base in Orlando, Florida. This will increase our workshop capacity by over 100 per cent and allow us to accommodate new contracts for delivering imaginative immersive experiences around the world. 

We can’t wait to bring this type of experience to cruise ships and see the reactions of excitement and wonder of the guests as they step into a truly authentic interior and are immersed in a new world onboard already awe-inspiring vessels.  

Karen Argue is business development manager at The Deluxe Group. 

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