CLIA report shows increase in ships equipped for alternative fuels

Global Cruise Industry Environmental Technologies and Practices Report shows sector’s progress

CLIA report shows increase in ships equipped for alternative fuels
Over half of the new ships on order in the next five years will be powered by LNG fuel

By Alex Smith |

Cruise Lines International Association has released its 2023 Global Cruise Industry Environment Technologies and Practices Report, highlighting the progress by the sector towards sustainable operations.

According to the report, 25 of the 44 new ships on order for the next five years will be LNG-powered, representing 9.2 per cent of the cruise fleet by 2028. Seven newly built ships will also be either methanol ready on delivery or methanol capable.

There are now 120 ships fitted with shore side electricity (SSE) systems, 45.5 per cent of CLIA-member ships. The report predicts that this will increase to 71.1 per cent by 2028, with 67 ships planned to be retrofitted and 35 newbuilds to be fitted with SSE systems.

Efficiency tracking systems are now in use on 171 CLIA-member ships, representing 60 per cent of the global fleet. Advanced wastewater treatment systems are also installed onboard 202 ships, around 80.3 per cent of reporting capacity, increasing from 78.1 per cent in 2022.

In addition, cruise lines have 32 pilot projects and collaborative initiatives underway with sustainable fuel producers and engine companies.

“Cruise lines continue to transform the modern fleet to protect the oceans, air and destinations enjoyed by millions of passengers each year,” said Kelly Craighead, president and CEO of CLIA. “Our data shows a step change in the uptake of new environmental technologies by our cruise line members. Already today cruise lines are building the ships of the future which will run on new, more sustainable engine technologies. The introduction of these new technologies and the many pilot programs and trials in place reveal how the cruise industry is an innovator and early adopter of technologies that are helping us sail to a more sustainable future.”

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