Ambassador Cruise Line creates new restaurant to honour Michelle Lupino

Ambassador Cruise Line creates new restaurant to honour Michelle Lupino

Ambassador Cruise Line

Lupino’s, a Mediterranean-style restaurant, is designed to encourage guests to enjoy the company of others

Ambassador Cruise Line is to debut a new Mediterranean restaurant onboard its second ship, Ambition, which will pay homage to Michelle Lupino, who was head of destination management for the line and passed away in October 2022.

Lupino’s will be an alfresco-style restaurant and has been designed by Atlantic Marine Interiors and interior designer Guri Blindheim. The venue will reflect Lupino’s Italian heritage and “vibrant character” and will feature flexible seating for up to 70 guests. The menus will include sharing platters inspired by the local dishes and cultures of destinations Ambition will visit when it debuts on 12 May 2023.

“I was very close to Michelle, and news of her passing affected me deeply,” said Bob McGowan, head of guest experience at Ambassador Cruise Line. “When I was asked by the business to help create a place on our new ship to honour her memory, I wanted it to be a celebration of her life and the many things that made her so special, including her love of socialising with friends old and new. She was the life and soul of any party or gathering and would always make people feel welcome. We hope the restaurant designed in her image will be a fitting tribute to Michelle, and I’d like to think she would wholeheartedly approve of what we have created.”

The logo on the restaurant signage is inspired by Lupino’s own signature.

“Michelle was with us at the very start of our journey as we sought to build the welcoming Ambassador team ashore and onboard that today form the backbone of our business,” said Christian Verhounig, CEO of Ambassador Cruise Line. “She was not only an essential member of the team but also a long-term friend of myself and many of her colleagues. As such, when Michelle left us, the overriding feeling was one of utter shock, disbelief and sadness on both a professional and personal level.  

“In Lupino’s, we have created a warm and welcoming dining experience, which our guests will enjoy for many years to come. Celebrating all the qualities she showed, Lupino’s will serve as a constant reminder to us all of the positive and inspiring impact Michelle, and indeed all of us, can have on those around us.”

Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers
16 March 2023