Bolidt launches cruise industry's first glow-in-the-dark decking

Bolidt launches cruise industry's first glow-in-the-dark decking
Bolideck Glow during the day (left) and at night (right) (Image: Bolidt)

Decking and flooring specialist Bolidt has launched the cruise industry’s first-ever luminous decking solution that will capture solar energy during the day to glow in the dark at night.

Bolideck Glow reduces lighting requirements to create energy efficiency savings and when used outside, it can harvest and store solar energy during the day to provide lighting at night. The luminous material can also be used to illuminate jogging tracks, escape routes and signage, and ensure areas remain highly visible in the dark.

Bolidt’s new decking solution can be integrated with the Bolideck Select and Bolideck Future Teak decking systems that are already used on cruise ships worldwide.

“BolideckGlow is another example of the way Bolidt allows ship designers greater scope to create exciting new concepts that can be installed within any pattern they have in mind,” said Jacco Van Overbeek, director of the Maritime Division at Bolidt. “Now, they can extend their thinking to take in the effects luminous flooring can create in the dark.”

Royal Caribbean International has already contracted Bolidt to fit the decking on both Harmony of the Seas before the end of 2017 and its fourth Oasis-class ship, which is likely to be named Symphony of the Seas when she is delivered by STX France in spring 2018. In both cases, Bolideck Glow will be installed at the top of the 10-deck Ultimate Abyss slide, which will also be used in the dark.

“Royal Caribbean’s request for a glow-in-the-dark material has coincided with our development of Bolideck Glow,” said Van Overbeek. “This demonstrates how our long-term customers look to us for new decking solutions, while our continuous development program means we are ready to respond. It’s perfect timing, and highlights how we can help designers to convert the wishes of owners into new concepts and innovative features.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Monday, March 6, 2017