Zielia creates one-stop shop for cruise itinerary planners

Zielia creates one-stop shop for cruise itinerary planners
Itinerary planners can look at detailed information about potential ports of call (Image: Zielia)

Miami-based company Zielia has launched Zielia.com, the cruise industry’s first comprehensive digital database of port and destination-related information for itinerary planners, port and shore excursion professionals and other cruise line executives.

Cruise executives can use the platform to access a range of geographical, technical, operational and marketing data about multiple ports and destinations worldwide. This includes data about the dock length, draft air draft, facilities, ground transportation and passenger requirements for each port, as well as information about the various shore excursions and tourist attractions available in each destination.

Zielia.com also offers lists of important contact details and a calendar showing special local events and scheduled cruise calls in each port. Plus, there is a marketing section with high-resolution photography, video, press coverage and downloadable collateral such as brochures.

This enables cruise lines to quickly and easily choose which ports to include on their itineraries and which ones to use as homeports for their vessels.

“There are currently 77 cruise lines operating globally, with another 14 start-ups entering the industry over the next several years,” said Shannon McKee, co-founder of Zielia. “With more than 3,000 cruise ports of call and homeports worldwide, how do cruise line executives in the marketing, itinerary planning, port and marine operations, and shore excursion departments typically make port-related decisions? The long answer is, through endless e-mail threads, countless phone calls and hours of internet research; the short answer is Zielia.”

Ports can pay a flat annual fee to have themselves listed on the platform and regularly update their information to ensure it is accurate.

“Ports and destinations control the information, so users can be confident the content is up to date and accurate,” said McKee. “Zielia will make life easier for cruise line and port professionals by standardising the basics and simplifying communications.”

Zielia.com also makes marketing and itinerary planning more sustainable.

“By having the port and destination data available online and as downloadable documents, Zielia eliminates printed brochures and collateral as well as the need for jump drives — currently the medium of choice for information exchange,” said McKee.

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
03 April 2019

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