Wight Shipyard Co. equips Venus Clipper with Reygar system

Wight Shipyard Co. equips Venus Clipper with Reygar system
Venus Clipper will operate on the Thames in London (Image: Jake Sugden)

Wight Shipyard Co. equipped MBNA Thames Clippers’ newly delivered Venus Clipper with a cloud-based system from Reygar so it can remotely monitor how the fast ferry’s is performing against her original design specifications.

Reygar’s BareFLEET system will produce daily reports with data about the 222-passenger vessel’s operational and navigational activity, including engine health, fuel use, carbon dioxide emissions, any warning alarms that occurred, and the time she spent at each berth. Data will be sent to Wight Shipyard Co. via the cloud and will also be shared directly with MBNA Thames Clippers throughout the vessel’s warranty period.

By continually monitoring the ferry, the shipyard will be able to remedy any issues before they become full-blown problems that take the vessel out of service. This will minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

At the end of the warranty period, the shipyard will hand the BareFLEET system over to MBNA Thames Clippers so the ferry operator can continue to monitor performance and ensure safety throughout Venus Clipper’s operational lifetime.

“Thorough reporting on how new vessels like Venus Clipper perform is critical both in ensuring warranty claims are resolved equitably and verifying that the design is delivering to specification – ultimately meeting the commercial goals of the end user,” said Chris Huxley-Reynard, engineering director at Reygar.

Wight Shipyard Co. will use the data it collects to inform the design and development of new, smarter vessels in the future.

“The ongoing collection of critical data by the BareFLEET system allows us to keep track of the vessel in operation, ensuring that it delivers against its potential and remains consistently available for MBNA Thames Clippers as the company expands the river bus offering to best serve London’s commuters,” said Ollie Gove, engineering manager at Wight Shipyard. “We can use the reports BareFLEET produces to verify that vessel performance meets our expectations and matches our machinery suppliers stated levels. Venus is our first newbuild to include the BareFLEET system from the outset, and we are already looking forward to installing it in a number of our upcoming vessels.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Friday, March 22, 2019