Why restore ship interiors with Peninsula Contract Furnishings?

Richard Waterworth explains how the company’s services save costs and the environment

Why restore ship interiors with Peninsula Contract Furnishings?
Peninsula Contract Furnishing is currently restoring furniture onboard AIDA Cruises’ AIDAdiva

By Alice Chambers |

Peninsula Contract Furnishing is currently working onboard AIDA Cruises’ AIDAdiva, carrying out several interior jobs such as redecorating and recovering furniture.  

“Our main scope of work is focused on restoring the AIDA bar, where we are repairing all of the furniture,” says Richard Waterworth, manging director of Peninsula. “What makes this project slightly different is that rather than simply recovering the chairs, we are carefully removing the original covers before repairing the interiors and then reupholstering with the original covers. This is because the internal fillings and webbings have begun to soften and deteriorate, but the original covers made of genuine leather were still good. 

“Our onboard technicians will then clean and repair the leather to save our client the expense of purchasing new leather. From an environmental point of view, it will save over 400 square metres of good-quality leather being landfilled.” 

The company is performing this same procedure throughout most of the vessel’s public areas.  

Over the next six months, Peninsula will continue with its refit work, replacing the cabin curtains, fabrics and cushions across several vessels, as well as completing multiple upholstery, French polishing and decorating contracts for marine industry clients.  

“We are currently carrying out works varying from cabin drapery and furniture to complete restaurant and theatre makeovers,” says Waterworth. “The whole industry seems to be pushing to get ships back for the new season and a return to full service.” 

Whilst working on these projects, Peninsula is encouraging its clients to think sustainably. 

“Without any doubt, the most important factor of sustainable interior is restoration and repair,” says Waterworth. “Most furniture and furnishings onboard cruise ships are already of a higher standard than similar products produced today because high-quality raw materials were more easily available in the past.  

“With a little redesign and restoration, we can bring areas back to life – and sometimes completely change their look – without major expense and with less impact on the environment. We always try to steer clients towards the most responsible way of gaining the results they want.”

This article was first published in the 2022 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.  

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