Why is Gibraltar an ideal destination for tourists?

Vijay Daryanani speaks with Alex Smith about the appeal of Gibraltar as a cruise destination and explains why the industry is valuable to the territor

Why is Gibraltar an ideal destination for tourists?
The cruise terminal in Gibraltar is a short walk from the historical town centre

Located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, Gibraltar is an unmistakable destination. The Rock of Gibraltar dominates the view as visitors sail into the harbour before they delve into the intricate layers of history that surround them.

The unique status of the British Overseas Territory makes it an attractive option for cruise guests, according to Vijay Daryanani, minister for business, tourism and the port for the Government of Gibraltar.

“Our strategic entrance to the Mediterranean makes us the port of choice,” says Daryanani. “We are different to all other ports in the region because we are British. Our history, culture and heritage have always interested our guests. The fact that our currency is sterling also makes us attractive for British passengers, who enjoy visiting our Main Street for VAT-free shopping.”

The cruise terminal is a short walk to the historical town centre, which is filled with unique architecture that reflects Gibraltar’s blend of Genoese, Portuguese, Moorish and British heritage. Passengers will also be able to enjoy the ‘Guided Rock Tour Experience’, which will take them to some of the major viewpoints and attractions across the territory, while a dolphin-watching tour offers them the chance to see pods of dolphins playing in the bay.

These experiences are exciting and enjoyable for guests, as well as delivering economic benefits for the territory.

“Cruising is important to our economy, primarily to the retail and hospitality industry, but also for our port operators who provide different services to the cruise ships,” says Daryanani. “The more people that visit Gibraltar, the more economic activity it will create, and this will then lead to further job creation.”

Gibraltar also offers facilities for both traditional bunkering facilities and LNG bunkering as the industry moves towards the use of greener fuels.

“We are always working on improving our offering, not only in new tourist products but also in providing better comfort for our visitors,” says Daryanani. “We are looking at improving facilities at our terminal in a sustainable way and are currently working on providing shore power. We want to be at the forefront of providing proper sustainable options.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
30 November 2022

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