Why inclusive design is crucial on cruise ships

Bourne Group is using its expertise to increase accessibility with welcoming signage 

Why inclusive design is crucial on cruise ships

Bourne Group

Bourne Group’s ADA-compliant signage feature contrasting colours and tactile elements

By Mara Davis |

Creating inclusive environments on cruise ships for all passengers, such as those with disabilities, is a priority for the cruise industry. To achieve this goal, it is crucial that cruise lines implement signs that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines outlined by the US Department of Justice. However, manufacturing and installing ADA signage on cruise ships can be challenging as it requires specialised technical expertise and adherence to strict criteria. 

One essential requirement for ADA signage is that it must have contrasting colours to make it easier for individuals with visual impairments to read the text. Another requirement is that signs must include tactile elements such as Braille, which can assist visually impaired individuals to feel the text on the sign. It is also critical to understand the required sizes and specific mounting locations for each type of ADA sign.  

Bourne Group’s specialised technical expertise means it knows how to create signs with durable materials that can withstand exposure to saltwater, ultraviolet rays and extreme weather conditions, while maintaining compliance with ADA guidelines. We also understand the importance of branding, and work closely with our clients to ensure their branding is incorporated into their signage in a seamless and professional manner. Our goal is to provide signage solutions that meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of the cruise industry, ensuring that the signage integrates perfectly with the ship’s overall design and branding. 

Providing clear and accessible signage enables passengers with disabilities to navigate the ship independently, participate in all activities, and have a positive cruise experience. By partnering with Bourne Group, the cruise industry can ensure that their signage not only meets ADA guidelines but also enhances accessibility and inclusivity for passengers with disabilities. We can create ADA-compliant signage that meets the specific needs of each space, from guest rooms and restaurants to entertainment venues and outdoor areas. Our signage systems not only align with legal requirements but also reflect a dedication to improving customer service and inclusivity, helping cruise lines to attract a wider range of passengers, including those with disabilities and their families.  

At Bourne Group, we prioritise meeting deadlines and delivering top-notch service to our clients. Our dedication to quality, innovation and continued support allows us to continually adapt to the changing requirements of the cruise industry and its passengers.  

Mara Davis is director of business development at Bourne Group 

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