Wärtsilä introduces four new methanol engines to portfolio

Technology group is also developing methanol retrofit capabilities for its diesel engines

Wärtsilä introduces four new methanol engines to portfolio


Wärtsilä now offers a portfolio of five methanol engines

By Alex Smith |

Technology group Wärtsilä is introducing four new engines – the Wärtsilä 20, Wärtsilä 31, Wärtsilä 46F and Wärtsilä 46TS – to its portfolio of engines capable of operating with methanol fuel.

‘Green’ methanol can be produced using renewable energy sources and carbon capture technology, making it a carbon-neutral alternative fuel for the shipping industry. It can also be stored and transported using existing infrastructure currently used for conventional liquid fuels.

“Decarbonisation is front and centre to our strategy going forward, and the development of engines capable of running on future fuels is crucial to that,” said Roger Holm, president of Wärtsilä Marine Power. “Wärtsilä takes an innovative approach to supporting the marine industry’s transformation to more sustainable operations, and this broad range of methanol engines emphasises this.”

Wärtsilä launched the Wärtsilä 32 methanol engine and MethanolPac storage and supply system in 2022 as one of the first commercially available solutions for using methanol as a fuel in the maritime industry. It is also developing methanol retrofit capabilities for engines across its diesel engine portfolio, with upgrades either available or under development for the Wärtsilä 31, Wärtsilä 32, Wärtsilä 46F, Wärtsilä 46TS and Wärtsilä ZA40S engines.

“Wärtsilä is backing its extensive experience with strong investments in developing new fuel flexible technologies and products,” said Stefan Nysjö, vice president of power supply at Wärtsilä Marine Power. “We recognise that it is vital for ship owners to have maximum flexibility and to keep options open as the industry navigates the uncertain pathway to net zero, and we are working hard to deliver this operational flexibility. Our track record is already very solid, and this expanded engine portfolio adds to both our accomplishments and our long-term commitment to the maritime industry.”

The four new methanol engines will be available for deliveries at different points from 2025 onwards.

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