Viken Group acquires design and architecture firm HotLab

Viken Group acquires design and architecture firm HotLab

Tillberg Design of Sweden

Viken Group will use HotLab’s yacht design expertise in the design of luxury cruise ships

Viken Group has acquired Italian yacht design and architecture firm HotLab to complement its offering of design, naval architecture and project management services.

HotLab joins Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS) and naval architecture firm Thalia Marine in the group, maintaining its office in Milan, Italy. The group was formed in early 2022 by TDoS following its acquisition of Thalia Marine. The three companies will collaborate to offer a customised service for each of its clients.

“We have always focused on the quality of our design and on the professionalism of the entire HotLab team,” said Enrico Lumini, design manager and co-founder of HotLab. “As a proud extension of the Viken Group family, we can only increase both.”

HotLab’s experience in yacht design will be applied to the group’s cruise ship projects as well as to its yacht brand.

“Collaborations between TDoS and HotLab will infuse the DNA of private luxury yacht design into cruise ships, thereby facilitating the design of super luxurious and efficient ships,” said Madelene Hall, CEO of TDoS. “At the same time, our yacht brand will benefit from the commercial knowledge that we have from decades of experience in the cruise ship segment.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
21 June 2022

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