Top priorities for refit projects: a designer’s point of view

Tillberg Design of Sweden can carry out refit projects more sustainably by planning early

Top priorities for refit projects: a designer’s point of view
Tillberg Design of Sweden operates from its headquarters in Höganäs, Sweden

By Helena Sawelin |

There are many elements of refitting projects that can be improved upon to improve efficiency and sustainability. However, the place to start is with early planning. 

Effective planning is essential to avoid rushed solutions and compromised design when materials can’t be delivered in time. These are costly issues that can result in a design that doesn’t meet expectations or budget. 

Of course, all stakeholders involved in a project want to do excellent work that they can be proud of. Creating appealing designs is our passion, and that’s why we get frustrated when the job is made harder to manage by us not being involved early in the process. 

Easy communication and transparency with both the turnkey contractor and suppliers early in the project are also highly important elements. We can solve potential issues and create the best design, within budget and on schedule, if we have a chance to plan the work together with those involved. Tillberg Design of Sweden, along with our partners in Viken Group, can take a larger role within the entire process from client to yard to improve efficiency.  

In the future, the way in which we handle waste will be one of the most important issues for us to tackle. In our network, we cooperate with a specialist in sustainability issues that helps us to organise the waste in connection to a refit. This is an interesting new approach, and I am eager to begin making use of solutions such as this to start creating a circular economy.  

Helena Sawelin is partner and business director at Tillberg Design of Sweden

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