Taking Trimline into a new era of success

New directors Ross Welham and Nick Farrell explain how they are building on the firm’s reputation

Taking Trimline into a new era of success
Trimline’s skilled team has years of experience outfitting spaces like the Latitude 53 restaurant onboard Marella Explorer 2

By Rebecca Gibson |

Founded in 1965, UK-based company Trimline is renowned worldwide for its award-winning marine interior outfitting projects. In early 2021, former owners Gary and Mike Oliver stepped down after 30 years at the helm, making way for new directors Ross Welham and Nick Farrell. Welham, who has been with Trimline for 13 years and most recently served as chief operating officer, introduced technology specialist Farrell to the business in 2020.  

Despite the significant challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, they have now formulated a strong business plan to ensure Trimline’s continued success long into the future. Initially, Welham and Farrell sought to ensure the business could remain operational in the wake of the global cruise industry shutdown.  

“The industry has been hurt and cruise projects have been particularly impacted during the pandemic,” says Welham. “However, our varied portfolio has allowed us to focus more on our ferry refits and maintenance work over the past six months, which has helped to keep the business moving forwards. This quieter time has also created a unique opportunity for Trimline to identify ways to improve our client offering and to bring in people with the skill set to achieve this.”  

The main aim, says Farrell, is to maintain Trimline’s “great reputation for quality of workmanship, honesty and integrity”, while also exploring how to enhance various areas of the business. “We’re evaluating how we can better analyse and re-use information we’ve gained during previous refits to help with future projects,” he notes. “It also involves looking closely at how we can better collaborate with our clients’ project managers to ensure everyone has all the information they need when they need it most.”   

A key priority is to use technology to improve on-site processes. “The on-site side of the business has been carried out effectively for many years. However, there is massive scope to deliver significantly higher quality data to both on-site employees and clients throughout projects by implementing technology-based systems,” says Farrell. “Technology and connectivity are progressing all the time and these improvements will help us to close the data loop between our office-based and on-site teams, learn from challenges, and offer an incrementally better service to clients every single time.” 

Trimline is also strengthening its supplier relationships to establish longer-term commitments for materials, labour and more, says Welham. “We want all our employees and independent tradespeople to feel like they’re part of a united team, so they share the same enthusiasm and pleasure we ourselves feel in a job well done.” 

Trimline’s skilled employees and supply partners will play a pivotal role in helping the company to retain its leadership position in the passenger ship outfitting market when it fully reopens. 

“Competition for work will inevitably be high as work gradually recovers and the companies that can effectively communicate their value to shipowners will be most successful,” says Welham. “Clients who have stretched resources will potentially need more assistance than ever. Trimline, which works transparently and honestly, will be ideally positioned to build even stronger bonds with them. 

“We’re still the same company with the same beliefs and desire to produce high-quality work. Our experienced and passionate employees view their careers as more than just a job. After a comparatively quiet 12 months, they have pent-up desire to work and feel proud of doing a great job on-site. We are all excited about the future of Trimline.” 

This article was first published in the 2021 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed. 

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