Sembcorp Marine completes third battery-powered ferry for Norled

Sembcorp Marine completes third battery-powered ferry for Norled

Sembcorp Marine

After loading onboard dry tow transport, Leikanger has successfully set sail for Norway

Sembcorp Marine has completed Leikanger, the last of three identical battery-operated ro-pax ferries the shipbuilder has constructed for Norwegian ferry operator Norled.

The three vessels have been constructed according to a proprietary design developed by Sembcorp Marine’s subsidiary, LMG Marin. Like its sister ships Hella and Dragsvik, Leikanger will operate using lithium-ion batteries charged by hydro-electric power. It is also able to run in hybrid mode utilising combined battery-diesel power as an alternative. The ship has been equipped with quick-connection shore charging plugs, auto-mooring and auto-cross capabilities, efficient hull, propulsion and heat recovery systems, and minimised hotel and auxiliary load solutions.

“We are pleased that our proprietary zero-emission ro-pax vessel design and innovative hydro-electrification technology have been successfully integrated into the development of Norled’s three battery-operated ferries built by the Group,” said Torbjorn Bringedal, managing director of LMG Marin. “Custom-designed to fulfil Norled’s sustainability, safety and operational requirements, these ro-pax ferries will further enhance Norled’s strategic positioning as a leading operator of sustainable ferry services.”

Leikanger will be deployed on Norled’s Hella-Vangsnes-Dragsvik route in Norway, joining its sister ships Hella and Dragsvik, which began service in May and December 2022 respectively. The double-ended ferry has the capacity to carry 300 passengers, as well as 80 cars or a combination of up to 10 cars and 10 trailer trucks.

“Sembcorp Marine continues to advance environmental sustainability through developing industry-leading solutions to drive the global transition towards cleaner energy solutions and maritime decarbonisation,” said Wong Weng Sun, president and CEO of Sembcorp Marine. “The successful completion of the final unit of Norled’s series of three zero-emission ro-pax ferries is a validation of our green innovation capabilities and proven expertise in delivering sustainable solutions for the offshore, marine and energy industries.”

Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
10 January 2023