Scenic Cruises reveals progress in Scenic Eclipse II construction

Scenic Cruises reveals progress in Scenic Eclipse II construction

Scenic Cruises

Scenic Eclipse II will feature an expanded pool area on Deck 10

Scenic Cruises has revealed the progress in the construction of its newest vessel, Scenic Eclipse II, in a timelapse video highlighting the technology involved in building the yacht.

The vessel, which is a sister ship to the cruise line’s Scenic Eclipse, is due to float out at its shipyard in Rijeka, Croatia, later in June. The shipbuilder, MKM Yachts, is owned by Scenic Cruises parent company, Scenic Group.

Scenic Cruises has made changes to the original Scenic Eclipse design based on feedback from guests and crew working onboard, including updates to the Senses Spa and the expansion of the pool and outdoor area on Deck 10.

“The addition of Scenic Eclipse II to the fleet continues our mission to bring once-in-a-lifetime exploration to guests,” said Andrea Stafford, director of trade sales in the UK for the Scenic Group. “Our Discovery Yachts are unique in that they can handle extreme and diverse conditions, meaning they can go from the icy waters of the Arctic and Antarctic to the warmth of the Caribbean, and explore ports and coves that larger vessels just cannot access.”

The new ship is scheduled to make its maiden cruise from Lisbon, Portugal, in April 2023. It’s inaugural season will include itineraries in the Mediterranean, Scotland, the Americas, the Caribbean and both Polar regions. In 2024, the ship will also visit Australia, Polynesia and Indonesia.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
17 June 2022

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