Royal Caribbean Group marks 30 years of sustainability improvements

Cruise group has reduced the environmental impact of the business and is striving towards net zero

Royal Caribbean Group marks 30 years of sustainability improvements

Royal Caribbean Group

Save the Waves has helped Royal Caribbean Group improve sustainability across its business

By Amber Hickman |

Royal Caribbean Group is celebrating 30 years of driving sustainability improvements across its business via its Save the Waves environmental initiative.

The initiative was established in 1992, and since then has enabled the corporation and its cruise brands to achieve several key milestones. This includes introducing the industry’s first dedicated onboard environmental officers to monitor waste standards, becoming the first cruise business to be ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Certified, and installing advanced wastewater purification systems across 88 per cent of its fleet to treat wastewater to standards twice as high as US federal regulations. It has also equipped 100 per cent of its global fleet with modern waste management facilities.

Royal Caribbean Group has also diverted 87 per cent of its waste from landfills through its ‘Green Hub’ programme, which ensures waste is either recycled, repurposed or sent to a waste-to-energy facility. In addition, the corporation has provided every crew member with Save the Waves training.

“Save the Waves has served as the strong foundation for what we have accomplished and the ambitious sustainability efforts we are committed to at Royal Caribbean Group,” said Jason Liberty, president and CEO at Royal Caribbean Group. “The programme, for decades, has helped us create a culture dedicated to environmental performance and our commitment to protecting our oceans.”

Save the Waves has also allowed Royal Caribbean to develop its environmental, social and governance framework, which was unveiled in its 2021 Seastainabiliy Report. The framework focuses on the five ways that the business can deliver cruise experiences responsibly by: championing communities, providing unforgettable cruise experiences, fostering human rights, advancing net zero and governing responsibly.

“Throughout my 15-year career at Royal Caribbean Group, including four years as an environmental officer, I have been proud to be part of our continual progress in this area, which wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of thousands of crew members and millions of guests,” said Nick Rose, associate vice president of environmental programmes at Royal Caribbean Group.

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