Rebuilding passenger confidence after Covid-19

Beadlight’s LED lighting and air cleaning units will help to prepare their ships for guests returning after the Covid-19 pandemic

Rebuilding passenger confidence after Covid-19
Beadlight’s Sirona air cleaning unit will clean localised air in small cabin spaces

The pandemic has hit the travel industries hard and the maritime sector is no exception. Cruise and ferry operators need to be carefully looking at how they can reassure customers for the future. One way of doing this is fitting ultraviolet (UV) cleaning products that can offer customers assurance that the air is filtered and surfaces are clean.

Beadlight has designed the patented Sirona air cleaning unit that will clean localised air in small cabin spaces. The Sirona utilises the newest UV filtration technology and is also designed with a surrounding ambient light to allow it to be seamlessly incorporated into a cabin design. By investing in devices such as these, cruise and ferry operators will show passengers that the industry is able to learn and adapt for the future.

Cruise and ferry operators will make further developments to rebuild passenger confidence, many of which will involve them reconsidering cabin and interior designs to ensure there is sufficient space between groups of people. For example, booths or pods will likely become popular in restaurants as they create an additional feeling of privacy. Localised lighting within these areas will enable people to feel as though they are with their own zone.

Similarly, walkways and routes will need to be enhanced to guide passengers to keep to specific areas without creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. Too much signage will start to detract from the overall experience, but increased coloured lighting around pathways will help guide people without negatively affecting the experience. Beadlight, which is a leading provider of LED lighting products for the maritime and aerospace industry, is well-equipped to provide passenger shipping operators with custom-designed solutions to meet these needs.

Gina Amies is managing director of Beadlight

This article was first published in the Autumn/Winter 2020 issue of Cruise & Ferry Review. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

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By Gina Amies
13 January 2021

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