Positive statements improve views of cruise industry, study says

Cruise Copenhagen investigated ways to bolster support for cruising among Copenhagen residents

Positive statements improve views of cruise industry, study says

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Positive statements about the industry and its impact in Copenhagen improved perceptions of cruise tourism

By Alex Smith |

Cruise Copenhagen has released the results of a study which sought to investigate ways for bolstering public support for cruise tourism in Copenhagen, showing that positive statements about the cruise industry and its impact improved previous perceptions.

The study employed a survey methodology, dividing the sample into two groups. One group received the survey without any additional information, while the other group was presented with one or two positive statements about the cruise industry in Copenhagen and in general. Key questions were formulated, and respondents answered using a five-point scale.

The researchers then compared the responses from the two groups to discern any notable differences in their perception of cruise tourism. Additionally, ten respondents with a negative perception of the cruise industry were selected for in-depth qualitative interviews, aimed at understanding the basis for their opinions.

The group provided with positive statements showed an increased probability of having a positive perception of the cruise industry by seven per cent. Furthermore, their likelihood of supporting continued marketing efforts targeting cruise ships and of perceiving cruise guests as having predominantly positive effects in the city increased by six per cent.

However, the results also indicated that presenting the benefits did not necessarily reduce the proportion of citizens with negative inclinations. The group most susceptible to influence were those who initially had neutral opinions or remained undecided.

The study identified three statements which significantly influenced respondents' positive attitude toward cruise tourism. The first of these was that cruise tourism provides Copenhagen with an opportunity to attract tourists who would not typically visit Denmark for a regular vacation. and that many of these visitors subsequently opt for a traditional vacation to explore more of the country. Secondly, that cruise ships often visit other ports in Denmark while docked in Copenhagen. Lastly, that when cruise ships are moored, pollution is limited, and the implementation of shore power in 2025 will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the ships by up to 100 per cent.

“The study clearly shows that the more facts and information about cruise tourism you provide the citizens who are in doubt or indifferent, the more positive their attitude towards cruise tourism gets," said Klaus Bondam, director of CruiseCopenhagen and Cruise Baltic. "In a time when cruise tourism is highly debated, it is crucial to know that information campaigns can help make the attitude towards cruising more positive. We encourage other ports and destinations to do similar studies and to provide citizens with information about the industry to allow for a more nuanced debate on cruise tourism. We are more than willing to share the methodology behind the survey for free.”

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