P&O Cruises to launch first-ever escape room at sea onboard Arvia

P&O Cruises to launch first-ever escape room at sea onboard Arvia

P&O Cruises

Mission Control, an escape game with multimedia simulations, will be available onboard P&O Cruises’ Arvia

P&O Cruises’ upcoming ship Arvia will feature the first-ever onboard escape room experience when it debuts in December 2022. 

Mission Control is an escape game with multimedia simulations and a live-action story that is set onboard the fictional submarine vessel Arvia II. The cruise line will offer two one-hour experiences, with one being a family-friendly adventure suitable for all ages and the other being an adventure designed for adults.

Guest will board Arvia II in groups of up to 10 to form a team of marine explorers and underwater detectives under the guidance of Dr Melissa Ryan, a virtual character who will guide guests through their mission.

Developers at Düsseldorf-based technology company Tennagels have created realistic 3D surroundings to visualise ocean canyons, sunken cities and underwater creatures. They have also studied the controls and technological functions of a real submarine to build these into Arvia II. Motion simulation, fully interactive consoles and 3D surround sound will complete the immersive experience.

“We wanted to create something brand new and we believe this is the first of its kind in the world,” said Paul Ludlow, president of P&O Cruises. “Our technology partner specialises in things that have never been done before, so boarding Arvia II is guaranteed to wow our guests and be like being in the biggest blockbuster movie.

“The unique environmental experience will also leave guests with a greater awareness of the need to protect our fragile marine ecosystems.”

View the trailer for Mission Control and the behind-the-scenes video.

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Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers
23 June 2022

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