Overnight cruise calls suspended at White Bay in Sydney

Overnights prevented until NSW EPA has regulated low-sulphur fuel use for berthing ships

Overnight cruise calls suspended at White Bay in Sydney
All overnight calls at White Bay Cruise Terminal have been suspended for the foreseeable future

By Rebecca Gibson |

The Port Authority of New South Wales has suspended all overnight cruise calls to White Bay in Sydney until the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has regulated ultra-low sulphur fuel use for ships berthing at the terminal.

The Port Authority of NSW’s CEO, Grant Gilfillan, said previous overnight cruise ship visits to White Bay Cruise Terminal and the adjoining White Bay 4 berth had caused concern to some residents, particularly unscheduled overnight arrivals.

Although the next scheduled overnight cruise ship arrival at White Bay Cruise Terminal is not until 18-19 December 2015, the port authority has suspended all overnights until the NSW EPA regulation is implemented. Once it has been formally adopted, only compliant cruise vessels will be able to berth overnight at White Bay.

The temporary suspension is subject to maritime safety and emergency considerations and legitimate legal instruction, including by regulatory authorities such as the various commonwealth border agencies.

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