Over €416 million to be invested in Adriatic Sea tourism, says report

Risposte Tourismo presented its Adriatic Sea Tourism Report 2023 at the Adriatic Sea Forum

Over €416 million to be invested in Adriatic Sea tourism, says report

Risposte Turismo

Francesco di Cesare, president of Risposte Turismo, presented the report at the Adriatic Sea Forum

By Alex Smith |

Risposte Turismo, a research and consulting company, has estimated that over €416 million ($457 million) has been invested or scheduled for investment in sea tourism infrastructures in the Adriatic between 2023-2025.

The company made its predictions in the Adriatic Sea Tourism Report 2023, which was presented by Francesco di Cesare, president of Risposte Turismo, during the opening day of the Adriatic Sea Forum in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

According to the report, the cruise and ferry sectors are set to benefit most from the investments, with around €210 million ($231 million) expected to be provided. Projects include the new €61 million ($67 million) Marghera cruise terminal in Venice, Italy, and the $50 million terminal in Igoumenitsa, Greece.

Cruise traffic is set to rise to 4.5 million passenger movements in 2023 according to the report, a 29.3 per cent increase compared to 2022. The report also forecasts that Corfu in Greece will be the cruise port with the highest number of passenger movements in the region, increasing by 16.8 per cent to 615,000, followed by Venice, which will receive 550,000. Overall, Italy will account for 46.2 per cent of total passenger movements with just over 2 million in 2023, while Croatia will receive approximately 1.1 million. However, Croatia will receive 1,140 cruise ship calls, ahead of Italy’s 863.

Cruise traffic forecasts have been projected by Risposte Turismo based on estimates of 18 cruise ports in the Adriatic area, which in 2022 together accounted for 98 per cent of total passenger movements and 92 per cent of calls.

Ferry traffic is also expected to see growth of 7.9 per cent compared to 2022, with more than 19 million passenger movements at the 13 largest ports in the region by the end of 2023. Split in Croatia is predicted to maintain its position as the busiest port with 5.2 million movements, followed by Igoumenitsa with 2.6 million and Zadar, Croatia, with 2.5 million. Nationally, Croatia will handle over 9.7 million international ferry passenger movements, ahead of Greece with 4.8 million.

“The numbers we are sharing with all the operators at this sixth edition of the Adriatic Sea Forum indicate an across-the-board recovery in maritime tourism in the Adriatic, a segment that will soon – by 2024, if not already in 2023 – be witnessing a return to the figures recorded before the pandemic”, said Francesco di Cesare, president of Risposte Turismo. “However, a strong conviction remains that better results can be achieved, and not only in terms of quantity. In our view, much remains to be done to give one of the most beautiful areas in the world the recognition it deserves, and to finally make it one of the most popular tourist destinations with international travellers.”

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