Norwegian cruise industry to grow in 2023

Norwegian cruise industry to grow in 2023


A total of 3,389 cruise calls are expected in Norway during 2023

Norway is to experience strong growth in its cruise industry in 2023, boosted by gains in Northern Norway, an increased number of ports of call and more calls outside of the traditional peak season.

Figures provided by the Norweigan Costal Administration and Cruise Norway show that more than one million passengers, corresponding to more than four million guest nights, were registered in Norwegian waters in 2022.  The total number of cruise calls during the year was 3,008, and a further increase to 3,389 calls is expected in 2023.

Comparisons between figures from 2022 and forecasts for 2023 also show that cruise activity is increasing more during the shoulder season than the peak season between May and August. The number of calls outside the peak season will increase by 444 from 2022 to 203, while calls during the season will increase by 406.

These increases are partly because of growing numbers of winter cruises in Northern Norway. The number of cruise visitors in Honningsvåg, the most popular destination in the North, will increase from 125,413 to 181,040 in 2023, with similar increases in the ports of Leknes and Alta.

“We are particularly pleased with the increase in the number of calls during the shoulder season, which comprises of autumn, winter and spring,” says Inge Tangerås, managing director of Cruise Norway. “For many years, the industry has been working to spread the cruise traffic throughout the whole year. We are now starting to see the effect of this. In December 2019, there were only two calls to Northern Norway. This year, the corresponding figure will be 30.” 

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
21 February 2023

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