MSC Seascape to offer high-tech amusement ride

MSC Seascape to offer high-tech amusement ride

MSC Cruises

Robotron will lift guests 53 metres above the sea and move in time to a personalised music playlist

MSC Cruises has revealed details of its new amusement ride Robotron, which will offer a combined roller coaster and personalised music experience onboard MSC Seascape.

Groups of three guests will be able to board a gondola attached to a robotic arm that will extend 53 metres above the sea. Riders will have an unobstructed 360-degree view of the horizon as they hang over the deck and move in different directions.

Before riding, guests will be invited to curate their experience by choosing colourful patterns to watch and selecting musical preferences in the DJ booth area. The robotic arm will move in tempo to the selected music and an expansive video screen will display colourful patterns and people dancing.

“We are excited to provide guests with endless high-tech entertainment options onboard MSC Seascape to meet the desires of adrenaline-seekers looking to experience the latest thrills,” said Brandon Briggs, senior vice president of onboard revenues at MSC Cruises. “Robotron, the first-ever robotic amusement ride to appear on a cruise ship, will create a new standard of fun with an immersive, customised ride experience, unique to each rider. Our additional entertainment options with elements of virtual reality, special effects and simulators will ensure unforgettable experiences that leave guests in awe.”

Other high-tech entertainment features onboard the ship will include a virtual reality 360-degree flight simulator and motorbikes; MSC Formula Racer, which is a racing simulation game; and an immersive 3D cinema experience where players can battle against zombies, skeletons and more.

MSC Seascape will launch on 7 December 2022 in New York, USA, and then operate separate Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries.

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Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers
01 September 2022

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