Molslinjen to operate two new battery-powered vessels in 2024

Echandia has supplied the batteries for the ferries, which were designed by OSK-ShipTech

Molslinjen to operate two new battery-powered vessels in 2024


The new vessels will be powered by batteries supplied by Echandia

By Alice Chambers |

Danish ferry operator Molslinjen will begin operating two new battery-powered vessels from Alslinjen and Samsølinjen in Denmark in 2024.

The vessels were designed by OSK-ShipTech and will be built by Cemre Shipyard near Istanbul, Turkey. Echandia will supply the onboard battery systems, which have a total capacity of around seven-megawatt-hours and will help to lower operation costs and reduce the Molslinjen’s carbon production.

“For Echandia, this is a yet another breakthrough,” said Frefrik Hellström, CEO of Echandia. “Molslinjen is showing the way, and we believe that many other operators will follow their example in the future. For us, the deal means a step towards supplying larger passenger ferries where weight, total cost and safety are important aspects.”

The new vessels will each be 116.8 metres long, with capacity for 600 passengers and 188 cars. They are designed for autonomous sailing between ports and will automatically dock and charge at the quays. Enchandia’s solution will enable the ferries to fully charge within 20 to 25 minutes.

“The total cost of ownership, combined with the products high level of safety and low weight were key factors in selecting Echandia as battery supplier,” said Ole Berg-Hansen, chief engineer at Molslinjen. “In addition, choosing a system with longer lifetime makes perfect sense from a sustainability perspective.”

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