Metso to automate Stena ferry

Company to convert main engines to dual-fuel and upgrade control systems
Metso to automate Stena ferry

By Rebecca Gibson |

Process automation solutions provider Metso is to upgrade and expand the automation systems onboard Stena Line's Stena Germanica, as well as convert her main engines to dual-fuel.

During the project, which will take place at Poland’s Gdansk Ship Repair Yard Remontowa in early 2015, Metso will convert the ro-pax ferry's main engines to run on methanol and marine gas oil as a dual-fuel concept in an effort to lower the ferry’s sulphur oxide and particulate emissions. Consequently, the ship will be able to meet the new exhaust gas emission regulations set by the International Maritime Organization and the European Union.

To do so, Metso will integrate the related control and monitoring functionalities within the automation system. It will also install a new redundant process controller, an input/output (I/O) system and eight data communication lines to the control system and methanol fuel pumps in the main engines.

In addition, the ship’s existing Damatic XD automation system will be upgraded, while the control room stations and related communication network will be updated to the latest version of Metso DNA automation technology. This includes a DNA Trend & Event Archive with analysing tools for process values and events.

Additionally, the remote control system for the main engines will be modernised with two redundant process controllers, an I/O system and two touchscreen user interfaces.

“Making lifecycle upgrades with Metso’s technology is simple,” said Per Syvertsen, senior technical manager of Marine Automation Applications at Metso. “There is no need to change everything; you can update only the lifecycle critical parts and enable the system operators to work efficiently with the newest version of Metso DNA user interface.”

Stena Germanica, which accommodates 1,300 passengers, sails between Gothenburg, Sweden, and Kiel, Germany.

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