MedCruise focuses on environment as Port of Cannes presents commitments

MedCruise focuses on environment as Port of Cannes presents commitments
MedCruise General Assembly holds session on environmental issues (Image: MedCruise Association)

Protecting the environment was a key topic at the 55th MedCruise General Assembly, hosted by MedCruise member French Riviere – CCI Côte d’Azur in Antibes, France from 1-4 October.

Delegates were able to attend six plenary sessions, which were aimed at providing opportunities to learn more about trends in the Mediterranean cruise market. One session featured a discussion with the director of the Port of Cannes, Eric Barret, who introduced the ‘Four Environmental Commitments for Cruise Lines’. He said the commitments will be signed with different cruise lines in return for a financial bonus per passenger and call.

The commitments aim to encourage sustainable growth by asking cruise companies to:

- Reduce pollutant emissions in the air by using 0.1% sulphur content fuel when sailing and manoeuvring at the bay.                                                            - Reduce pollution at sea by not rejecting treated water in pilotage or berthing areas.                                                                                                         - Protect biodiversity by bypassing Posidonia meadows during manoeuvres and anchoring.                                                                                                          - Implement a globalised environmental approach by promoting environmentally friendly initiatives.

“MedCruise Association fully supports any environmental initiative and green action promoted by any of the ports in the region and encourages all its member to work together for a greener industry and a sustainable growth,” said Airam Díaz Pastor, president of MedCruise.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
07 October 2019

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