MarineXchange launches MXP365 app for cruise ship guests

MarineXchange launches MXP365 app for cruise ship guests


The MXP365 app provides cruise guests with access to chat groups, a digital boarding pass and a whole range of up-to-date information

MarineXchange has launched a new MXP365 app for cruise guests, which can be used both before and during their voyage. 

The app provides guests with up-to-date information about itineraries, ports, weather forecasts, deck plans and the opening hours of onboard venues. Guests can also use the app to check in, book shore excursions and onboard activities, purchase packages, make restaurant reservations, log maintenance requests, and much more. It is available in multiple languages.  

“Guests will enjoy an enriched digital experience as soon as the cruise is booked until they return home and beyond,” said Hannes Lindthaler, managing director of MarineXchange. “For the cruise line, pre-cruise and onboard sales are optimised.” 

MarineXchange’s MXP enterprise platform is used by more than 50 cruise and hospitality brands with over 365 installations. The new guest app can be used pre-cruise on a mobile device or via the cruise line’s website. Once onboard their cruise ship, guests can also use the app with iTV, digital signage and kiosks.  

The app has been optimised for all screens sizes and is available on various operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Apple). It can be used as a stand-alone app or integrated into existing bring-you-own-device apps. 

“MXP365 offers extensive customisation possibilities to align with the cruise line’s unique brand identity, ensuring a consistent and familiar experience for guests pre-cruise, onboard, and post-cruise,” said Johanna Schaupp, senior digital marketing lead at MarineXchange.

By Laura Hyde
21 July 2023