La Méridionale saves fuel with the help of Eniram technology

La Méridionale saves fuel with the help of Eniram technology
La Méridionale has reduced Piana's fuel consumption by 2% using Eniram's technology (Image source: Wärtsilä)

French ferry operator La Méridionale has achieved annualised fuels savings of around 2% after implementing digital energy management technology from Eniram, a Wärtsilä company.

La Méridionale’s ro-pax ferry Piana, which operates between Marseille and Corsica, was initially equipped with Eniram Trim and Speed solutions in April 2017. The operator piloted the technologies until summer 2018 and a savings analysis has since revealed that by optimising resources, it reduced fuel use by 2% and also decreased exhaust emissions. Based on this, La Méridionale predicts it will make a return on investment in just two years.

“Performance is one of our core values. To develop our technological capability, we chose Wärtsilä’s Eniram energy management and optimisation technology,” said Christophe Seguinot, technical director for La Méridionale. “Together with Wärtsilä, we were able to achieve tangible and sustainable savings, which have been accessed thanks to its advanced products, support and training. We will definitely scale these great results to our entire fleet while discovering new possibilities for utilising the data.”

Eniram and Wärtsilä will now implement the energy management technology to the rest of La Méridionale’s fleet.

“This is an excellent case of successful cooperation between Wärtsilä and the customer,” said Andrew Rayner, senior sales manager for Eniram. “By working closely with La Méridionale, we have been able to evolve our products to meet the specific needs of ferry operations, and we appreciate La Méridionale’s positive support throughout this process. We look forward to applying the experience to the rest of the fleet.”

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
Thursday, January 17, 2019