Interferry approves Strategic Plan for 2024-2026

The association hopes to bring its membership together by being the ferry industry’s trusted voice 

Interferry approves Strategic Plan for 2024-2026

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Interferry hopes to bring its membership together by being the ferry industry’s trusted voice

By Laura Hyde |

The global association for the ferry industry, Interferry, has unanimously approved its Strategic Plan – All Aboard – for 2024-2026.  

All Aboard aims to build upon the association’s 2020-2022 Strategic Plan – Stronger Together – which was extended until December 2023 following the global-wide shut down of the travel industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The 2024-2026 plan aims to bring the global ferry industry together by providing a platform to share innovation, knowledge and experience. The not-for-profit association plans to continue diversifying its Board of Directors to reflect its membership, which comprises more than 270 members representing 40 countries and over 1,200 individuals. 

Interferry hopes to influence the development of effective regulations and policies that support safe and environmentally sustainable ferry operations by engaging with external and internal key stakeholders. The association will increase the frequency and quality of regulatory communications to its members, as well as inviting government safety authorities and other professional experts to participate in its webinars and annual conference. 

The association will develop a mentorship programme for new members, as well as encouraging senior members to assist with the recruitment and welcoming of new members in order to grow the organisation to include under-represented membership regions. 

Interferry has served as the trade association representing the ferry industry worldwide for almost five decades; however, it is aiming to expand global recognition of Interferry as the trusted voice of the global ferry industry through public affairs, strategic partnerships and enhanced communications throughout 2024-2026. It’s going to work with consultants to stay up to date on industry and regulatory matters, as well as forming strategic partnerships with other organisations with common goals. 

All Aboard encourages environmental sustainability across the global ferry industry while promoting domestic ferry safety in developing regions. Interferry will create a member showcase highlighting environmental stewardship and sustainability initiatives of members to be used on social media to promote the stewardship of the industry. It will also identify partners, grants, and funding for domestic ferry safety initiatives. 

“All Aboard builds off our current plan and its many successes, while at the same time looking to provide greater value to our membership, add more resources in our regulatory/public affairs area and, most importantly, further our commitment to improving ferry safety in the developing world,” said Mike Corrigan in Interferry’s end of year CEO update to members. 

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