Intercruises and Vikand to provide rapid Covid-19 testing in cruise ports

Intercruises and Vikand to provide rapid Covid-19 testing in cruise ports

Vikand Solutions

The breathalyser test can detect Covid-19 within just 45 seconds

Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services and global maritime medical solutions provider Vikand Solutions have expanded their Global Port Medical Network partnership to provide rapid and non-invasive Covid-19 testing in cruise terminals worldwide.

Created by BioSafety Technologies, the Covid-19 Cruise Terminal Testing Solution comprises individual breathalyser tubes and portable scanning stations. The breathalyser test can be easily administered by non-medically trained personnel and can detect the presence of Covid-19 in just 45 seconds.

The solution has already been trialled on more than 10,000 individuals during a worldwide pilot programme and the Dominican Republic is successfully using it for screening passengers on Delta Air Lines’ and America Airlines’ flights to the USA. Vikand and Intercruises expect that it will help to support the resumption of global cruising and the wider maritime industry.

“We have already seen that the safe return to cruising is possible, enabled by the correct health and safety protocols, including testing,” said Olga Piqueras, managing director of Intercruises. “The partnership we have with Vikand and its breakthrough technology will help advance this process and the ongoing resumption of our industry.”

Intercruises, which offers ground handling and operations services in ports worldwide, will provide Vikand with the necessary in-terminal management and logistical support to deliver tests for guests, crew and terminal staff.

“Intercruises’ global presence and local teams are a critical component in this initiative, enabling us to provide testing that cruise lines, ports and terminal operators can easily implement with minimal investment,” said Damien O’Connor, executive vice president of Vikand Testing Solutions. “Together we offer tremendous value to the industry by delivering this crucial, emerging healthcare technology.”

Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
16 April 2021

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