HX launches new itineraries for 2025-2026 cruise season

The expedition cruise operator will offer 80 itineraries across five continents

HX launches new itineraries for 2025-2026 cruise season


HX will offer 80 itineraries across five continents in 2025-2026

By Laura Hyde |

HX (formerly known as Hurtigruten Expeditions) has unveiled new itineraries for its 2025-2026 season, including an increased choice in Antarctica, spring cruises in Svalbard, and the expedition cruise line’s largest-ever Greenland offering. It also unveiled three new Galápagos Islands itineraries. 

“With 130 years of heritage in expedition cruising, we have more experience to draw on than any other operator,” said Alex Delamere-White, HX chief commercial officer. “Our continued investment in the regions and experiences we know best has created a firm foundation. This heritage, combined with our product teams’ dedication to fostering connections with the people and places we visit, will lead to our strongest season yet.” 

HX will deploy a fourth vessel, Spitsbergen, to Greenland, offering four new itineraries including three roundtrip ‘Grand Greenland’ voyages from Nuuk, which opens its new airport in 2024, cutting transit time for passengers.  

Four new Arctic Canada sailings, all originating from or concluding in Nuuk, Greenland, are also planned for 2025. These itineraries will encompass two Northwest Passage crossings, and guests can choose between the east-to-west route, pioneered by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, and the new west-to-east sailing onboard MS Roald Amundsen from Alaska to Greenland.  

HX will offer two new itineraries in Iceland; ‘Iconic Iceland - The Maritime Ring’ onboard Maud, and ‘Elemental Iceland – Circular Saga’ onboard both Maud and Fridtjof Nansen, with all three departures leaving from Reykjavik. The addition of Maud to the region will enable HX to provide 50 departures to Antarctica during the 2025-2026 cruise season. 

Spring itineraries to Svalbard have also been added to HX’s offerings. HX will also make a return to West Africa offering itineraries sailing the archipelagos of both Cape Verde and the Bissagos Islands. 

Each of these new itineraries will include an increased presence of cultural ambassadors and enrichment programmes, according to HX which takes cruise guests to over 250 destinations in more than 30 countries worldwide.   

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