How De Jorio Design International creates memorable Italian interiors

Jon Ingleton met Marco de Jorio at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo to ask how De Jorio Design International is the champion of Italian interior design

How De Jorio Design International creates memorable Italian interiors
DJDI’s design for MSC Preziosa’s Yacht Club concierge area combines black and gold décor with a Swarovski crystal staircase

This article was first published in the Autumn/Winter 2019 issue of International Cruise & Ferry Review. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

Founded by Giuseppe de Jorio in 1956, De Jorio Design International (DJDI), has a well-earned reputation for innovation, passion and achievement. The company’s experience and broad portfolio of mega yachts and cruise ships has won it numerous accolades, confirming its pedigree as one of the leading interior design practices in the business.

Despite its status, DJDI continues to deliver fresh ideas for clients, pushing traditional design concepts in new directions but “always with a positive guest experience” as a guide, according to president and CEO Marco de Jorio.

DJDI is the go-to firm for MSC Cruises, thanks to its ability to craft a natural blend of Italian style and contemporary flair. The company has a long list of credits spanning all public areas and is rightly considered the guardian of MSC’s brand for its opulent interiors. Among the countless examples of DJDI’s classy output are MSC Meraviglia’s promenade with its striking stained glass roof, the Black & White bar on MSC Divinia and the exquisite Yacht Club on MSC Preziosa.

Creativity is unsurprisingly at the company’s core, pushing the boundaries of its work and enabling it to use design to deliver eagerly anticipated experiences at sea. “In the past it was the designers role to shock, but now it’s to be memorable,” said de Jorio.

However, the company’s work cannot be neatly categorised by these two words. It was shocking then and is memorable now, but such a simplification belittles the variety and originality it has achieved. Selecting the right materials is a key part of making memorable onboard spaces. Material selection is a talent founded on experience, research and an extensive library. DJDI is dedicated to continually exploring materials and seeking out new patterns and textures to deploy. This sensitive touch applies in equal measure to each product that is carefully curated to fit out a room, including the bespoke furniture that is crafted in DJDI’s studio. “With materials you can influence moods and feelings,” said de Jorio. “You can change perceptions and take passengers on a journey to a more relaxing place.”

The company’s signage department provides a similarly meticulous service, using an exhaustive typography library, skilled graphic designers and quality materials. But de Jorio is quick to point out that this functional design feature works in tandem with other creative elements. He said: “The art of good design is to keep you in or push you out, to move you in different directions and take you easily to the place you want to go to – even if you weren’t aware that you wanted to go there.”

Bringing it all together to ensure a polished and complete design demands a level of excellence for which DJDI is renowned. And in this final act, the stage-setting still has the precise passenger demographic as the prompt and a pleasurable experience as its primary judge. “The subtle hypnotic effects that we can play on the mind are a powerful tool that have pleasure as the reward,” said de Jorio.

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Jon Ingleton
By Jon Ingleton
21 October 2019

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