Havila Capella to resume operations following court decision

Havila Capella to resume operations following court decision

Havila Voyages

Havila Capella has been moored in Bergen since the European Union imposed sanctions on leasing company GTLK Asia

Havila Voyages has received the necessary certificates from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate to insure and operate its cruise ship Havila Capella, allowing it to resume sailing along the coast of Norway.

Havila Capella has been moored in Bergen, Norway, since 12 April, when insurance companies terminated their contracts on the ship due to the European Union’s sanctions against leasing company GTLK Asia.

Havila Voyages has since filed a case to the High Court of England of Wales in the UK to force a change of Havila Capella’s ownership. The shipping company also petitioned the Hordaland District Court in Norway to demand temporary arrest and force use to operate Havila Capella. The District Court has now ruled to uphold the company’s request.

“Through the ruling from Hordaland District Court, we have been given the role of principal administrator of Havila Capella, with all the rights that a registered owner has,” said Bent Martini, CEO of Havila Voyages. “We have always believed that we would find a solution and have chosen to keep everyone at work. We have crew onboard who have shown a great willingness to deal with a demanding situation, and we are now very much looking forward to showing off the best of the Norwegian coast to our guests.”

The cruise line will now seek to conclude hull insurance for the ship. This will allow it to resume operations from 28 June, departing from Bergen on her first voyage since April.

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
24 June 2022

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