Hapag-Lloyd’s expedition ships to use low-pollutant marine gas oil

Hapag-Lloyd’s expedition ships to use low-pollutant marine gas oil
Hanseatic nature will use the more environmentally friendly fuel as of 2020 (Image: Hapag-Lloyd Cruises)

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ expedition ships – Hanseatic nature, Hanseatic inspiration and Bremen – will use low-pollutant marine gas oil (MGO) from July 2020. The new fuel contains just 0.1% sulphur.

The use of low-sulphur fuels in the Antarctic has been obligatory for several years, but Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is already using MGO in other sensitive regions such as the Arctic and Kamchatka in Russia. The new expedition ships are also equipped with catalytic converters that reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by almost 95% and are fitted to use cold ironing facilities in ports. 

“With our many years of experience in expedition cruising, we have always set the standard for this segment – with our ships, our routes and our mission to deliver quality and service,” said Karl Pojer, CEO of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. “Acting responsibly towards nature and the environment is always a top priority for us. The decision to change fuels gradually and use marine gas oil all-year round on all expedition fleet routes in future is a step in the right direction towards achieving this important objective.”

Expedition routes will be sailed at an average speed to cut fuel consumption by around a third. The fleet is also equipped with seawater desalination technology to sustainably produce clean water, as well as biological sewage treatment plants. The bow thrusters and stabilisers also run on bio-petroleum. 

“The sensitive cruising areas that make up our expedition itineraries should be particularly protected,” said Pojer. “There are strict regulations in place for these regions that we adhere to, of course. We also set ourselves strict regulations to abide by when our ships cruise through the more remote regions.”

Hanseatic spirit will join in the fleet in 2021 and will also use MGO. 

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Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts
12 March 2019

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