Foreship provides infographic guide to Carbon Intensity Indicator

Foreship provides infographic guide to Carbon Intensity Indicator


The infographic provides information on the CII scheme for shipowners

Ship design and engineering company Foreship has released an infographic guide to the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating scheme, a part of the International Maritime Organization’s new regulatory framework covering carbon dioxide emissions from existing ships. 

Adopted in June 2021, the CII provides a rating for operational efficiency and will apply to all ro-pax and cruise vessels above 5,000gt that will be trading internationally from 2023.  The scheme is a measure of transport efficiency for each ship, calculated in grams of carbon dioxide emitted per capacity and nautical mile. It is based on targets to achieve a five per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emitted against a 2019 reference level, and then further two per cent annual reductions until 2026. CII ratings range between A and C, where a C rating is the minimum for compliance. 

Among the information shared by Foreship is its recommended process for meeting the targets. Firstly, it calculates CII for the ship and itinerary it is sailing, then sees how the ship complies with the required limits and defines a target based on this information. Foreship then prepares a plan to meet the targets, with options including changes to the itinerary, use of shore power, or conversion of the ship to use an alternative fuel.  

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
11 November 2021

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