Fjord1 chooses Norwegian Electric Systems for hybridisation

Fjord1 chooses Norwegian Electric Systems for hybridisation
NES will modify Norangsfjord to run all-electric and provide an onshore charging point (Image: Norwegian Electric Systems)

Norwegian transport company Fjord1 has chosen Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) to supply the electrical and automation package for the hybridisation of Norangsfjord. 

The propulsion specialists will modify the ship later this year to enable her to operate as a fully electric vessel, with a hybrid generator onboard as a back-up. NES will integrate the QuadroMaster DC power distribution board with Odin’s Eye DC grid solution, as well as battery systems and charging systems with plugs and transformers both onboard and onshore. 

The ferry will sail between the Norwegian ports of Aukra and Hollingsholmen and the quay at the latter will be modified to include a charging system. This will ensure Fjord1 complies with Norway’s 2026 zero-emission cap for vessels sailing its UNESCO World Heritage fjords. 

“We are delivering a package where each individual component, their interactions and the overall product reflect NES’s position as among the best in the world at environmentally friendly technology,” said Stein Ruben Larsen, senior vice president of Sales at NES.

NES has worked on many hybrid electric propulsion systems for Fjord1’s new ferries, converting diesel-powered ferries to diesel-electric, but this will be the first ferry to be adapted to run as a hybrid fully-electric ferry.

“NES has great expertise in both ship technology and onshore charging systems, and our focus has now also become international so as to provide environmental solutions to enterprises abroad,” said Larsen.

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Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts
Friday, March 1, 2019