Fincantieri to build four more cruise ships for Viking

Deliveries are scheduled for 2026, 2027 and 2028 in €1.7 billion agreements

Fincantieri to build four more cruise ships for Viking


Fincantieri has constructed 16 ocean cruise vessels for Viking

By Alex Smith |

Fincantieri is to build four more ships for Viking after the companies put into effect contracts for the third and fourth ships and signed new contracts for a fifth and sixth, all of which were additional options in an initial agreement signed in March 2018.

The design of the batch of six ocean vessels was developed by Fincantieri in partnership with Viking, upgrading the design of the cruise line’s previous 10 vessels with new safety and navigation systems. The ships are also designed to be able to make use of hydrogen fuel cells once they are available.

The total value of the agreements is around €1.7 billion ($1.72 billion). Deliveries are scheduled in 2026 and 2027, followed by a further two ships in 2028.

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