Estonia’s first hybrid passenger vessel returns to service

Estonia’s first hybrid passenger vessel returns to service
Port of Tallinn
The new batteries installed onboard TS Lavaed’s Tõll will reduce its fuel consumption by 20 per cent

TS Laevad’s ro-pax ferry Tõll has returned to service in Estonia after being retrofitted with batteries to become the country’s first hybrid passenger vessel..

Batteries supplied by Corvus Energy were installed on the ferry by Baltic Workboats, along with electrical and automatic equipment provided by Norwegian Electrical Systems and a peak-shaving hybrid solution designed by LMG Marin. The use of battery power will reduce the ship’s fuel consumption by 20 per cent and cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 1,600 tonnes per year, as well as reducing underwater noise and vibration levels.

The batteries were started for the first voyage by Taavi Aas, the Estonian Minister of Economy and Infrastructure; Valdo Kalm, chairman of TS Laevad’s supervisory board; and Jaak Kaabel, chairman of TS Laevad’s management board.

“Ambitious climate targets are accelerating the transition to cleaner technologies and solutions,” said Aas. “The first hybrid passenger vessel is a development benchmark for all ferry shipping in Estonia.”

TS Laevad, a subsidiary company of the Port of Talinn, operates regular ferry services between Estonia’s major islands Saaremaa and Hiiumaa and the mainland throughout the year. Tõll will sail between Virtsu, Estonia, and the village of Kuivastu on the Estonian island of Muhu. The battery technology has never previously been used on a ship of this size in the icy conditions Tõll will experience during the winter months, according to the operator.

“For several years now, we have been working to completely eliminate the use of fossil fuel on ferries in the Väinameri Sea area and achieve our zero-emission goal,” said Kaabel. “The conversion of Tõll into Estonia’s first hybrid ro-pax vessel is an important step in this direction.”

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Alex Smith
By Alex Smith
07 September 2020

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