Creating a world of underwater discovery

Ann Bada-Crema explains to Rebecca Gibson how Launch by Design Inc. helped Carnival Cruise Line to transform spaces for its youngest guests

Creating a world of underwater discovery
Motifs of sea creatures bring the underwater world to life in the shark room

Whenever Launch by Design Inc. founder Ann Bada-Crema designs an interior, she creatively combines art, design and architecture to deliver an immersive and memorable experience for the end user. This innovative approach has enabled the company to develop an extensive portfolio of high-end hospitality and family entertainment spaces – both on land and at sea.

“Carnival Cruise Line invited Launch by Design to rebrand the youth spaces on its ships, so we took various forms of ocean experiences and exploded them across each different area,” says Bada-Crema. “For example, we used custom-branded artwork that we developed on the walls, ceilings and flooring to transform Camp Ocean into an immersive underwater world for guests aged 2 to 11.”

Launch by Design dived deeper into the ocean to reimagine Circle C for guests aged 12-14. “We used various design elements to mimic the colour and movement of the sea, such as rippled materials and organic wisps in the Circle C logo, custom wall graphics and carpet design that we created,” says Bada-Crema. “We also designed a submarine-style lounge with ceiling light coves that look like portholes, circular hang-out nooks and a curved wall decorated with glowing circles and created green striped graphics that resemble bubbles and seaweed. Elsewhere, we combined reflective materials with back lights to replicate sun hitting coral.”

Club O2, the area for guests aged 15-17, has a more mature theme. “We created a cool area with a deep blue and red colour palette, infinity light panels and design details to give the illusion of extra height and space,” says Bada-Crema.

What Bada-Crema is most proud of is that her designs keep guests fully engaged in the spaces, regardless of their ages. “Each area has a distinct identity that is reinforced by our design, offering a sense of discovery that everyone can enjoy.”

This article was first published in the 2020 issue of Cruise & Ferry Interiors. All information was correct at the time of printing, but may since have changed.

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Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson
30 July 2020

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